New headquarters

The company headquanters is moved to Via Privata Oslavia, 28 in Milan (ITALY).

The new location for the company headquarters offers wider spaces for the employees and laboratory activities, as required by the growth of the company.

First financial round closed

The LIFTT company enters as unique investor into Subphoton.

While continuing the prototypes development, the company is active in fund raising, gaining a first round from LIFTT.
Additionally a new project is financed by "Bando Brevetti 2022".

Prototypes development

The company is involved into multiple technologies prototypes development.

Acquisition of funding for projects submitted to "Bando Arche' 2021" and "Bando Tech Fast 2021".

Detailed products planning

The products planning for development and production is detailed by evaluating timeframe, required resources and budget.

The product planning is defined in detail, as required for the starting of the development and for the presentation of the project to financial investors.
A financial contribution from "Bando Brevetti 2019" is gained for a project related to submarine repeater mechanical structure analysis.
December 2018

Company constitution

The Subphoton Srl company is constituted on December 2018

The stackholders decide for the company foundation during 2018, after the definition of the strategic scenario on the products and the related business plan.