Tech Fast 2021

In 2021, Subphoton Srl took part in the Tech Fast Tender organized by the Lombardy Region, obtaining a co-financing, partly non-repayable, for a project relating to the creation of an innovative production line of optical amplifiers, capable of improving product quality and to reduce costs. Specifically, it was a question of developing an innovative process which, by means of automated benches, would make it possible to carry out a screening of the components which exhibit production defects and which therefore will fail immediately (infant mortality), at the level of semi-finished product, in order to have a more reliable product than the state of the art. The project was carried out with the contribution of resources from the European Union, the Italian State and the Lombardy Region, in application of Regulation (EU) n. 1303/2013 - annex XXII and of the Implementing Regulation (EU) n. 821/2014 - articles 4 and 5.

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