Subphoton’s founders have more than 100 years of combined experience in the submarine field

Subphoton team covers all the specific technical skills needed for developing and manufacture the submarine repeater (optics, electronics, mechanics, reliability, operations).

Product management, system design/architecture, marketing and sales are also internally managed.

In addition Subphoton can rely on an engineering and marketing team ready to join in. They have been working together and with the founders for several years and they have a successful track record in the field of submarine transmission since 1990.

Management Team

Optics, system design, mechanics, hardware, firmware, software, commercial, quality.
Full of creative people.

Daniele Androni
Giorgio Grasso
(Optics innovation)
Sergio Grassi
Piergiovanni Matrona

Subphoton's facilities

Subphoton has its own optical and electronics laboratories and can also count on mechanical facility based on INOVA. In the labs we have capability in components characterization, electronics boards design and testing mechanical parts design, assembly and test. Subphoton has also an agreement with Politecnico di Milano for a preferential access to the optical components and system characterization laboratories. We have also collaborations with optical telecommunications and photonics laboratories of CNIT in Pisa.

Main companies we have worked for before subphoton

transatlantic communication cables

Subphoton's team achievements

In Pirelli the team worked together in submarine system development (repeater, BU, PFE terminal equipment). The main accomplishments were the installation of Rome-Palermo (Italy) and Farice (UK-Iceland). As a team (CIFE, INOVA, NEOSYSTEMS) we led to the development and qualification of Padtec repeater and BU and also to the Google-Padtec “Barbaresco” project for new generation of low cost high efficiency submarine repeaters. The same team configuration led the development of IPG high fiber count (12 fiber pairs) submarine repeater.