Submarine link products

submarine repeater
Optical repeater

The high fiber count optical repeater

Space Division Multiplexing provides efficient capacity increase compared to competing technologies. Existing state of the art submarine repeaters cannot exceed 16-18 fiber-pairs. The High Fiber Count Repeater supports up to 48 fiber pairs in a unique compact housing able to match any cable design.

Branching unit

The reconfigurable branching unit

Our reconfigurable Branching Unit provides the flexibility telecom operators require during the lifespan of a submarine system. It is capable of switching and re-routing entire fibers or single wavelengths. Highly reliable and low cost, it is completely managed from our Element Manager

submarine branching unit
submatrine vs terrestrial telecom line
Open Wetplant Interface

The gateway between submarine and terrestrial lines

The open Wetplant Interface is located at the landing stations and it is the gateway between SubPhoton's submarine devices and the terrestrial optical network and management system.